Isnin, 25 Januari 2010

35 Weeks Pregnant!!

This week dah masuk 35 minggu..lagi beberapa minggu ja lg bb nk kuar..Barang2 bb semua da lengkap..Just tunggu masa ja nanti..Harap2 semuanya dipermudahkan dan selamat..Amiin...

By this stage, your baby doesn't have much room to roam. Your little one is so snug in your uterus that you may notice he doesn't seem to be moving around as much anymore. Don't be surprised if you see an arm, elbow or knee poking against the skin of your tummy as he stretches and squirms, though. His head may drop down into your pelvis ready for birth - this is known as "engagement" - although some babies, especially second or later ones, don't engage before labour begins.